“Youth and the Future of Leadership:

The Role of Parents and Family in Responsible Citizenship”


  Thursday, November 20th   Venue: The European Parliament

 10:00 Session in collaboration with the World Youth Alliance

 “The Role of the family in shaping Responsible Citizenship”

      Speakers include:

Ambassador of Malta

            World Youth Alliance

            Women’s Federation for World Peace, Int’l

   Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe

            The Family Watch

 17:00 Venue Hotel Erasme

 19:00 Dinner

        Friday, November 21st   Venue: Hotel Erasme

 9:00  Conference Opening Session

“Youth and the Future of Leadership: The Role of Parents and Family in Responsible Citizenship”

Speakers: Dr. LanYoung Moon, President Emeritus, WFWPI;

Mrs. Carolyn Handschin, President, WFWP—Europe

Hon. Erna Hennicot Schoepges, Former Minister of Culture, Luxembourg and MEP.

 10:30 Coffee break

 11:00-12:30 I Session:

Capacity Building: Empowering Young Women in Dignity and Leadership

Ms. Yoshiko Pammer, Focal Point, WFWPE-Young Women and Team

   Ms. Franziska Nylen – Co-founder and public speaker of “WeFound” World Women Startups and

                                        Entrepreneurs Foundation

  Ms. Christelle Kyora Ngama – Chairwoman for WFWP Youth Bolton

  Ms. Asmah Anis – WFWP Youth UK

  Chair: Sung-Hwa Marchand

 13:00 Lunch

 14:30- 16:00 II Session :

Capacity Building – Women’s Leadership and Political Participation

Hon. Erna Hennicot- Schoepges

Mrs. Mitty Tohma,WFWP- UK President

Dr. Vesna Manojlovic

Chair: Sammi Vander Stock

16:00   Coffee break

 16:30-18:00 III Session

Capacity Building – Talking Points and Research to Effectively Promote Marriage and Family.

Mrs. Marcia de Abreu , President, WFWP- Spain (gender ideology)

Mr. Antoine Mellado,  World Youth Alliance Representative

Chair: Mrs. Brigitte Wada, President WFWP

18:30   Tribute to 20 Years of WFWP Bridge of Peace Program in Europe

An effective tool for reconciling and healing historic scars of enmity.

Presentation by Ms. Tina Coombs

19:30   Dinner / Entertainment


 Saturday November 22nd   Venue: Hotel Erasme

 9:00- 10:30 IV Session

Capacity Building – Enhancing Skills for Effective Communication and Persuasion

Ms. Aleksandra Skonieczna, WFWP- Poland president

Dr. Carlos Gomez Sanchez- Political Consultant, Spain

Bebe Clement- Consultant, Trainer in Communication

Chair: Ms. Aleksandra Skonieczna, WFWP- Poland President

 Invited speaker: Marguerite Peeters, Director of Intercultural Dynamic Dialogue Institute

 10:30  Coffee Break

  11:00-12:30 V Session

Forward-looking Plans and Goals for WFWP- Europe and our Networks

Carolyn, Mitty, Brigitte

Interactive about WFWPI Plans forVision 2020

Funding possibilities

Projects already set: Germany and UK created projects

New ideas for European projects  and conferences

Closing Remarks: Prof. LYMoon

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